First Look: Peek Inside FutureFest’s Digital Pinball Machine Ahead of Kaskade’s Metaverse DJ Set

Planning one of the year's most innovative concerts in the metaverse, FutureFest is on a mission to reinvent shared music experiences.

Thanks to FutureFest, you can soon roam around a giant, digital pinball machine as a robot avatar—and serenaded by the sounds of Kaskade.

The iconic DJ and electronic music producer is gearing up for a one-of-a-kind performance for FutureFest, an innovative Web3 project based on the Cardano blockchain. The event is co-presented by Space Yacht, who recently launched their "Space Pass" utility NFT on Nifty Gateway, giving fans access to over 100 IRL Space Yacht events as well as metaverse events.

Kaskade will be beaming in for a virtual performance in Future Fest's intricately designed metaverse, which is situated inside a polychromatic pinball machine and inspired by Kaskade's flagship record label, Arkade.

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FutureFest has partnered with Future House Studios, who have designed and developed immersive virtual environments for the likes of Steve Aoki, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and John Legend, among others.

FutureFest's upcoming event, they say, is primarily focused on "bringing the unique sounds and positive energy of Kaskade to the Web3 community." And considering the fact that he recently teased a new album, it's not out of the question that attendees hear some brand new music.

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First Look: Peek Inside FutureFest's Digital Pinball Machine Ahead of Kaskade's Metaverse DJ Set

FutureFest's inaugural metaverse concert is focused on "bringing the unique sounds and positive energy of Kaskade to the Web3 community."

The advent of NFTs has brought on an immeasurable number of projects and ambitious drops, but it's the tokens with real utility that hold the most value. FutureFest's signature Futurebot NFTs are the key to accessing the event, and they also enable its holders to interact with each other as adorable, music-loving robot avatars.


You'll need to purchase a Futurebot or Space Pass NFT to gain access to the eye-popping pinball machine show.

To get your hands on a Futurebot, first download and install Nami, a virtual wallet that connects to your Cardano account. From there, you'll need to buy some of Cardano's native cryptocurrency, $ADA. You'll then be able to peruse the Futurebot collections on the secondary market and connect your wallet to purchase.

The inaugural FutureFest will go down on April 14th, 2022 in partnership with Space Yacht. You can join the community and learn more about the metaverse concert via their Discord.




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