FISHER brings favorite house hits to the Mainstage at Tomorrowland 2022: Watch

Grammy nominated Aussie superstar FISHER turned up the heartbeat of the Mainstage during Weekend 1of the historic 3-week Tomorrowland 2022 experience and delivered us some of the most notable hits of today’s house music.

One cannot imagine a party, a night out, or even a house playlist without FISHER, so his appearance on the Tomorrowland 2022 Mainstage was a necessity. This past Friday, partygoers from around the world were able to witness the magic of this legend either in person or via Tomorrowland’s livestream. For those lucky ones to find themselves this week at Boom, FISHER will have one more appearance on the Mainstage again this Sunday, 24 July.

The 58 minute-long set began with the narrator introducing the main star, as he plays sampled vocals from Blaze’s ‘My Beat’, a sample he included in one of his latest epic releases, ‘Palm Beach Banga’. The crowd danced the song away as it transgressed into the classic ‘Storm 2022’ by Rebuke. The crowd kept cheering as ‘You Little Beauty’ and ‘Just Feels Tight’ came up, two inevitable house hits by the man himself. To make this set more special, soon came up two unreleased IDs left for us to anticipate, and a hypnotizing techno remix from Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano, the recently Gold certified ‘The Age Of Love’. The sounds of techno continued on with another banger bootleg of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eli Brown, along with excited crowd singing to the lyrics of this classic. The music progressed into a highly anticipated track commonly played by FISHER and many other house DJs – ‘The Feeling’ by Massano. The set ended in a bang, with the crowd going wild when the first beats of ‘Losing It’ came from the stage speakers. The crowd was demanding a treat, and FISHER delivered it.

Relive with us this unforgettable set below and let us know what your favored moments of the performance are, and join us at the Mainstage this Sunday if you want to see FISHER’s set for yourself.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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