Floating Vinyl Shop, Rubber Ducky Records, Bobs Back After Capsizing in 2023

Rubber Ducky Records, a floating record store based in the UK, is making a splashy comeback after capsizing last year.

As buoyant as its vinyl selection, Rubber Ducky Records is bobbing back after launching a fundraiser in April 2023, when it sunk and lost roughly 1,000 records. The unique shop, which calls a colorfully painted canal boat home, is now setting sail in Manchester to bring electronic music to new uncharted waters.

"I am so unbelievable thankful for all the support and generosity since the sinking whether it was a message, a go fund me donation or a hug thank you so so much humanity really is incredible," wrote Rubber Ducky Records owner Myles Greenwood. "I can finally say the sentence RUBBER DUCKY RECORDS IS OPEN AGAIN! What a crazy journey!

Greenwood says the revamped shop features over "3000 new tunes" for fans to discover in techno, trance, UK garage, drum & bass, disco and house music, among other genres. As his vessel of vinyl voyages on, you can keep track of Rubber Ducky Records and book visits on the store's website.

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