Flume Whips Up Audiovisual Feast on “Palaces” Tour

Flume puts picky hearts at ease by rolling out a buffet of a concert experience on the Palaces Tour.

It's often said you eat with your eyes first—Flume introduces sound sensory to the mix. There are flavors for every guest at the Palaces tour: nostalgic or romantic soundbites, raw or complex servings. There is something to satiate you no matter your tastes.

In Vancouver, A.G. Cook, QUIET BISON and Prospa whipped up appetizers before Flume stepped up to the turntables. Flume transformed the PNE Amphitheatre into a racetrack, a psychedelic forest, a horror movie and everything else his heart desired.

Flume, appropriately wearing a Motocross suit, revved the crowd up with a high-octane, race-themed intro before diving deep into the recipe bag. He immediately set the tone for a fun-filled evening with 2020's Grammy-nominated "The Difference." Flume invited longtime creative collaborator KUČKA for a live performance of "Escape" before delighting fans with a sultry transition into his timeless remix of Disclosure's "You and Me." More than a few couples in the crowd swooned for Flume's seductive sounds.

The evening's head chef expertly balanced flavors, amping up the crowd with a sample of "Smoke & Retribution" (with Vince Staples and KUČKA) before the cathartic "Drop the Game." Chet Faker's intoxicating voice invigorated concertgoers in what was arguably the evening's loudest crowd response—chants of "encore" aside.

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Flume Whips Up Audiovisual Feast on "Palaces" Tour

There is a reason Flume and his "Palaces" Tour keep trending across North America.

"Drop the Game" was only the first reminder of why Flume is a Michelin star DJ. The lyrics of his chart-topper "Never Be Like You" bellowed through the lips of concertgoers with the comfort of one reciting recipes passed down through generations.

Flume cranked up the heat on the show's visual components with "I Can't Tell" from his new album. The goddess-inspired visuals were beautifully haunting while a subsequent presentation was downright spooky. His official remix of Lorde's "Tennis Court" was another high point from an evening lacking lows.

Much like food, music is at its creative best when it transports the consumer. Flume served his audience desserts in the forms of "Say It"—his ageless banger with Tove Lo—and the cult classic "On Top" (only the second official single release of his career). It was a joy to watch fans belt out every word of two chefs-d'oeuvre of the Flume cookbook.

You can purchase tickets to Flume's "Palaces" tour here and stream its eponymous album below.

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