Four Tet spills everything you need to know on the new album

Four Tet has taken to social media to reveal some exciting news in regards to his upcoming album set to hit airwaves this year. The sleep-deprived video game obsessed Englishmen took to Twitter to post firstly announce the album is complete and post the playlist of tracks on a post-it note.

The album is set to be titled sixteen oceans and well not really coincidentally features 16 tracks. With the album set for the airwaves in March, we’ve had our first taste of the LP with Teenage Birdsong being released as a single in late 2019. So what can we expect? If his more recent new music under his alias or remix of Skrillex and Boys Noize are anything to go by, it will be a discography of percussion-driven catchy world music.

Sixteen Oceans Tracklist
01. School
02. Baby
03. Harpsichord
04. Teenage Birdsong
05. Romantics
06. Love Salad
07. Insect Near Piha Beach
08. Hi Hello
09. ISTM
10. Something In The Sadness
11. 1993 Band Practice
12. Green
13. Bubbles At Overlook 25th March 2019
14. 4T Recordings
15. This Is For You
16. Mama Teaches Sanskrit

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