Fred again.. continues ‘Actual Life 3’ rollout with new single ‘Bleu (better with time)’: Listen

Following on from lead single ‘Danielle (smile on my face),’ Fred again.. returns with yet another meaningful single from ‘Actual Life 3‘ titled ‘Bleu (better with time).’

Known for pouring raw emotion into his releases, UK legend Fred again.. once again takes the release radar by storm, continuing the rollout of upcoming album ‘Actual Life 3,’ due for release on October 28. Following from ‘Danielle (smile on my face),’ this time ‘Bleu (better with time)’ takes the reigns, and its one of his most emotional and thoughtful singles to date.

‘Bleu (better with time)’ was written about an image (which he shared below in an Instagram post), all about how life grows with grief.

Featuring his vocal work on the track, he pairs this with a swirling, emotive soundscape which acts as the musical equivalent of being deep in thought, with bags of passion to go with it. Not just another one of his incredible tracks though, there’s a long backstory that goes with it, which Fred again.. took to Instagram to share, alongside a post of him singing the lyrics from the track.

‘I really like the line ‘you will always shape my life, and I’m tryin to make that fine’
Like cos that’s 99% of what it is to me. I think when your [sic] confronted by something heavy, there’s like the first bit where it’s all loud and chaotic, like right up in your face constantly affecting you. But in some ways I don’t mind that phase because it’s so obviously right in front of you. Like you can see it. You can see what’s controlling you. So that’s less scary to me. […] I guess the scariest thing about that phase to me is it could last forever. The phase of the thing jus [sic] subconsciously affecting your every thought. I think that’s why I like that line. Because I am jus tryna [sic] to make that fine.’

You can watch the official music video for ‘Bleu (better with time)’ below, featuring shots from various different parties he threw over the last few months. Don’t forget to also listen to the track on streaming platforms and pre-save/buy the full album here.

Image Credit: Fred Again.. / Provided by Outside Organisation

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