Fred Again.. teases album, Skrillex collaborations and more

Fred Again has taken the music world by storm in recent weeks and it appears that he has no intention of slowing down any time soon.  While posting on a Discord thread, the British singer and producer gave some hints on whats on the horizon as well as what another prominent producer may be up to in recent weeks.

While Fred Again began his ascent several years, 2022 has seen him rise to new heights with his recent collaboration with Swedish House Mafia and and rapper Future, Turn On The Lights Again.., as well as a Boiler Room set that nearly broke the internet, his recent comments only continue to fuel his meteoric rise to the center of the dance music world.  For those who have yet to stream the Boiler Room set or simply live under a rock, the set included a number of unreleased tracks that include production from a legend in the music world, Sonny Moore aka Skrillex.  The two producers seemingly have been spending a lot of time hanging out and making music together and the internet can not get enough of this friendship and the potential for music to follow in upcoming months.

Those who did watch the Boiler Room set know that Skrillex had a hand in a number of ID’s that were played that evening and the live crowd as well as the internet went wild for the new music.  Skrillex has of course been working on new music for some time new, with his last full album, Recess, having been released in 2014.  While no specific details were offered, Fred Again noted that both him and Skrillex were hard at work finishing their own albums.  The response came after a fan on the site asked if new music was in the works between the two producers.  Fred Again noted that there were tracks in the works, but they may not make it onto the albums either one of them are currently finishing up.  Either way, it seems as if fans can expect some exciting sounds from both Fred Again and Skrillex in the future.

Image Credit: Fred Again.. / Provided by Outside Organisation

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