Gian Varela’s Debut House EP Celebrates ‘The Other Culture’

"La Otra Cultura” translates to "the other culture" in Spanish, and for Miami-based DJ and producer, Gian Varela, the other culture stems from dance music. Outside of the influence of Latino culture and music like reggaeton, lies an influx of inspiration and love for house music, ranging from afro house to tech house and beyond.

Varela’s new EP, L.O.C. or La Otra Cultura, is a testament to the exploration of dance music throughout his life. Packed with heavy house heaters, the EP features six unique tracks. Through the sounds of house, Varela aims to fight stereotypes about the Latino community while demonstrating depth, emotion, and a unique spectrum of sound.

“I wanted to show a different side to Latin Culture, the side B, the rebels, the different,” wrote Varela on Instagram. “House music has always been present in Latin America… you just had to look for it within different places. LOC is a salute to all of us Latinos who grew up with house music.”

Stream L.O.C. below, out now on Mixmash Records.

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