Gottwood are releasing a 30-track compilation 'Nottwood'

It’s a well-worn tune for this summer; the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many festivals have had to cancel their events.

Gottwood 2020 was due to take place on June 11th - 15th. Instead, the organisers have decided to revive their Gottwax imprint to release a 30-track compilation ‘Nottwax ⁠— A Gottwood Compilation’, featuring tracks from DJs associated with the festival over the years as well as some of its newer recruits.

‘Nottwax’ will be released on July 20. It will be the first in a regular release schedule of EPs intended to highlight some of the artists that Gottwood organisers care about.

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‘Nottwax’ features tracks from the likes of Margaret Dygas, Roman Flügel, DJ Tennis in collaboration with Joseph Ashworth, Ruf Dug, and Voigtmann and John Dimas as VOIGT.MAS.

As a whole, the compilation is eclectic and ranges from dark electro to disco back to Balearic and everything in between, simulating the live experience of the festival itself.

Through the label’s Bandcamp, they’re also giving away a free Jonny Rock edit to coincide with the release.

See a full tracklist for the compilation below, and preorder it here.

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  1. Secret Universe - Mirror Deal
  2. Ron Basejam - Carl Calling Up To Tell You You’re Late For The Party
  3. Felix Dickinson - A Little Less Drama
  4. Kenny on Acid - Lazer Beams
  5. Ruf Dug - Theme from Ruffy’s Lab
  6. Ess o Ess - Simply Nothing
  7. Cedric Maison – Quarks
  8. Jive T alk – Eyes
  9. Harry Wills - Antigenic `Drift
  10. Sam Bangura - Fun Dome
  11. Anna Wall & Corbi - Pipe Dreams
  12. BOBBY - The Blind Beggar
  13. Thoma Bulwer - Wick Woods
  14. Christophe Bristol – CityGril
  15. Maxxi Soundsystem - Lost In Trigon
  16. Man Power - Hey Pinky
  17. Tom Demac - Hanging Over
  18. Robert James - Biscuit of Love
  19. Phil Sinclair - Funk Droid
  20. Sweely - I Was Looking For You
  21. DJ Tennis and Joseph Ashworth – Cariad
  22. Roman Flügel - T equila
  23. VOIGT.MAS - Cloud Synergy
  24. Margaret Dygas - Supermarket Sneeze
  25. Ems & Stav - Energy Lines
  26. Appleblim - Hot Take
  27. Krywald & Farrer - Han So Low
  28. Adam Curtain - Confuse, Distort, Destroy
  29. N-Gynn – ElecJam
  30. RN&C - Lovin You
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