GT_Ofice Reunites With Robbie Rosen and Matthew Topper for Fiery Club Anthem, “Ecstasy”

GT_Ofice is back with "Ecstasy," an evocative dance anthem that captures the euphoric rush of intense infatuation.

The pulsing track, a collaboration with Matthew Topper and Robbie Rosen, is out now via his own CAINE Records imprint. Rosen's vocals soar over GT and Topper's club-driven production, his delivery evoking the breathless intensity of passion's grip.

The interplay between the track's impassioned vocals and fiery production mirrors the charged push-and-pull that unfolds between strangers on a packed dancefloor. It's akin to a chemical reaction sparking between two volatile ingredients, a potent mix that threatens to explode at any moment.

Wrapped in a throbbing beat, Rosen's vocals paint a vivid picture of two partners irresistibly drawn together, their magnetic chemistry leading them into a whirlpool of desire. "Take me down below / Pull me underneath" isn't just a physical descent, but a plunge into the intoxicating depths of emotional connection. Listeners drown not in water, but in the deliriously heady highs of newfound love.

Take a listen to "Ecstasy" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.