Hans Zimmer praises Alesso for his remix of ‘Interstellar’ during his Tomorrowland set: Watch

Showing nothing other than full of praise and gratitude towards Alesso and his remix of ‘Interstellar,’ Hans Zimmer made sure to make his thoughts on the rendition more than clear, as he took to his social media accounts in order to make his admiration towards the track public.

Gracing Tomorrowland’s mainstage in the most enticing of fashions, Alesso made sure that everyone in attendance would be left begging for more. A set that offered various emotions throughout its entirety, the Swedish icon closed out his Saturday performance with his very own remix of Hans Zimmer’sInterstellar,’ and trust us when we say, this is a rendition that has left us all in awe, and more significantly, in full anticipation of the release of its full version. In addition to blowing our minds, as well as anyone who was lucky enough to witness it live, it comes to no surprise, that Zimmer himself was full of praise for the remix of his song, as he took to his social media accounts in order to portray his thoughts on Alesso’s closing track.

Reposting Alesso’s video of that epic moment on Instagram, Zimmer followed it with a quote of “what a wonderful version of Interstellar,” before the man of the moment as well took the time of thanking Zimmer by commenting; “Thanks for the repost Hans! It was a very special moment closing out the festival with this.” Filled with tension and emotion at the highest of levels, this remix combines the euphoric feeling that is evident in the original, but in true Alesso fashion, also incorporates the most sensational of drops, that will have anyone feeling some type of way when listening to this breathtaking rendition.

The most fitting of closings to a set that offered an array of emotions, Alesso most definitely marked his return to Tomorrowland in a way that will have us reminiscing for all the years to come, with the progressive house king also blessing everyone in attendance with a wide variety of unreleased music, making us and his fans further excited of what’s to come. With this in mind, be sure to relive Alesso’s closing of Tomorrowland with his own rendition of Hans Zimmer ‘Interstellar’ below, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts on this masterpiece of a track in the comments section. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Alesso (via Press / Rony Alwin)

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