Hardwell releases new single ‘Zero Gravity’: Listen

Hardwell is continuing his comeback and string of singles with his newest release, ‘Zero Gravity.’ It marks the Dutch producer’s tenth single of 2022 as he continues his return to music after his three and a half year sabbatical from the spotlight.

Making his return to music by closing out Ultra Music Festival 2022 in Miami, Hardwell quickly announced that he would be sharing his brand new, 14 track album, ‘Rebels Never Die‘ via his label Revealed Recordings. While an official release date has yet to be announced for the album itself, Hardwell has not been shy about sharing new tracks. As he continues to trek around the world on the Rebels Never Die tour, these new singles have have put the dance music world on alert that Hardwell is back, with re-energized sounds and productions for his legions of followers. Like all the previously released music of the year, the artwork simply contains a profile image of Hardwell, with several lines of shadow to fill in the space and partially cover his face. ‘Zero Gravity’ opens with a women’s voice preparing listeners for the upcoming sonic journey, “Ready for take off in 5, 4, 3, 2,1…Zero Gravity.” From there, the four to the floor kick drum and pulsing bass quickly carry the listener off, ensuring no time is wasted on this journey.

As the track evolves, it opens up to a section of distorted scratches and sine waves, that seemingly lack rhyme or reason, while morphing and building back to reintroduce the kick and bass, now featuring elements of the warped soundscape littered over the pulsing beat. These patterns continue until the three minute mark, when a more traditional Hardwell production bass line is teased before we are once again counted down for the final drop. With a full arsenal of percussion, the song drives forward to its final climax and we are returned back to Earth to await the next single and an official release date and details for ‘Rebels Never Die.’


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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