Here Are the Top 10 Things to Cross Off Your Shambhala Music Festival Bucket List

There's an immeasurable amount of reasons why world-famous DJs and electronic dance music fans from all walks of life flock to Shambhala Music Festival.

Besides the festival itself, there are a multitude of special, wholly singular experiences that Shambhala offers its attendees. Ahead of the 23rd edition of the beloved Canadian fest, we have curated a checklist of some of the most unique ways to spend your time at the Salmo River Ranch.

The festival returns following a two-year hiatus from July 22-25. In no particular order, here are 10 things every person who attends Shambhala should experience at least once.

1. SkiiTour at The Amp


While the festival doesn't officially start until Friday, many attendees arrive early to get their camp set up. You can arrive at the Salmo River Ranch as early as Tuesday (for an additional fee). 

If you're early to the party on Thursday afternoon, catch a can't-miss performance by the barnstorming DJ duo SkiiTour. We recommend you come decked out in neon colors and ski goggles—as many do—and prepare to be blasted by bombastic beats and bubble machines.One year, SkiiTour even handed out snowcones.

You can check out the stage-by-stage lineup for this year's fest here.

2. Shambassador First Timers Tour Train


First time on the farm? Fear not.

While the sheer size and magnitude of the festival can be a little daunting at first, we promise it won't take you long to feel at home. And if you would like a little support to settle in, we encourage you to connect with the warm and welcoming Shambassadors.

These endearing individuals earn their title from having been to Shambhala for five or more years, so they know their way around and are more than happy to show you the way.

3. Floatie Party on the River


The weather in Canada certainly fluctuates, but it's safe to assume that the daytime will be hot and sunny. Thankfully, there is ample access to the refreshing Salmo River, directly adjacent to the festival site. 

We recommend that you come prepared with floaties to enjoy the festival's signature river romps each day. We can't think of a better way to cool off and come back to life after dancing the night away.

4. See Fractal Forest at night

Shambhala Music Fest FF

Ah, the elusive Fractal Forest. This alluring stage does not open until Friday, but when it does, people flood in.

The Fractal is the place to be if you're looking for the best in electro-funk music. If that's not your thing, we still recommend coming to take a look around at night—it really is quite a sight.

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Here Are the Top 10 Things to Cross Off Your Shambhala Music Festival Bucket List

Whether you're a veteran or new to the farm, here are 10 experiences not to miss out on at Shambhala.

5. Write a wish for the Wishing Tree


Whether you're walking to or from the river from the downtown area, it's quite likely you'll spot the beloved Wishing Tree. If you believe in the power of manifestation, stop by and make a wish.

6. Grab a Shambhala keepsake


It's always nice to have a memento to commemorate a special festival experience. If this is something that resonates with you, we suggest taking a peek at all the unique keepsakes available at the Beatique shop or the vendor village.

You can find stickers, bucket hats, sunglasses, earplugs, fur coats and just about anything else you could possibly want or need to level up your festival fashion. 

7. Get some sunshine at Muscle Beach


Instead of accessing the river from downtown (by The Amp stage), you can also wonder down through the Meta camping area and make your way to Muscle Beach. Here you will find cool little spots to hang out for the day. 

It's nice to experience a change in scenery now and then, if you have only been to the main river access point, we suggest adventuring to Muscle Beach.

8. Eat a legendary Blaze Burger with all the fixings

Blaze Burgers - Reichert Photography (13)

If you've worked up an appetite from all of the work you put in setting up your camp, reward yourself with a juicy burger from the legendary Blaze Burger.

An easy, handheld meal that hits the spot, these burgers are a great go-to at any point in the festival. And life is short—so make sure to get all the fixings.

9. Indulge in a morning yoga session


Regardless of your abilities, you can never go wrong with a yoga session. Whether you're a yogi master or have never been to a class before, taking the time to stretch out before or after a long night of dancing is a prudent move. 

Trust us. Your body will thank you.

10. Book ShambhaLodging 


Imagine rolling up to Shambhala, skipping the car-to-car lineup, zero early entry fees and having your camping situation already sorted out before your arrival. Sounds peachy, right?

If you really want to set yourself up for the ultimate festival experience, Shambhala offers Shambhalodging. All you have to worry about is getting yourself there and the rest is taken care of. You can either arrange to have a tent set up for you or opt for a reserved campsite awaiting your arrival. For more information about the packages available, navigate here.



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