House Music All Day: Day Trip’s 2nd Annual Festival Was a Lush, Glittering Oasis

House music is actually good for you.

Researchers maintain that the ideal human tempo is 120 BPM, which just so happens to be the sweet spot for house music. Born in the clubs of Chicago in the 1980s, it’s no surprise that the genre is now breaking into the mainstream. After Drake and Beyonce each dropped their own house-inspired records earlier this month, it’s looking like house music is the soundtrack of the summer.

One such brand elevating house music is Insomniac's Day Trip. Created in 2018 with the simple mantra of "House Music All Day Long," Day Trip is now known for its epic parties featuring fishbowls, palm trees and house music from all walks of life.

Day Trip Festival

Day Trip Festival 2022 at the Queen Mary Waterfront Venue in Long Beach, CA.

Day Trip recently celebrated their 2nd annual festival on the sunny shores of Southern California. Taking place June 25-26 at L.A. County’s historic Queen Mary Waterfront Venue, the event saw FISHER, Chris Lorenzo, Lane 8, MK and many more grace tropical-themed stages adorned with disco balls.

Flanked by the Pacific Ocean, the venue was transformed into a lush, glittering oasis.

Day Trip Festival

Day Trip Festival's Deep End stage flaunting one massive disco ball.

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Day Trip

House Music All Day: Day Trip's 2nd Annual Festival Was a Lush, Glittering Oasis

The SoCal house music fest's remarkable 2022 edition saw performances by FISHER, Chris Lorenzo, Lane 8, MK and many more.

The festival boasted two main stages, Deep End and High Tide, as well as one smaller stage, Shoreline. Each was decorated with disco balls of all shapes and sizes, casting radiant sparkles over the crowd.

While High Tide and Shoreline showcased an assortment of numerous mirrored balls covering the frames, Deep End flaunted one massive disco ball that was at least 10 feet in diameter. 

Just like last year, Day Trip’s colorful fish bowl cocktails were a hit. "Did you really go to Day Trip if you didn’t get a fish bowl?” one Twitter user facetiously questioned

A video of the crowd stacking up empty fish bowls, which you can watch below, even went quasi-viral.

After years of wanting to throw a waterfront festival, this year's venue was a huge win for Day Trip. Overall, the event was a massive success. House-heads cruised into the weekend hoping for groovy music, sunshine and good times—and Day Trip delivered. 

Day Trip Festival is now slated to touch down in Seattle on August 7th. Find more information here



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