How BOMBAYS is Amplifying the Soundwaves of South Asian Heritage in Electronic Music

Born and raised as a first-generation Indian kid, Nikhil Thakar, who produces electronic music as BOMBAYS, emerged from a world where life's path often diverges into two distinct routes.

Confronted with the choice between conforming to the conventional norms of acquiring a business degree and entering the corporate world or embarking on a journey to actualize one's passion, Thakar unflinchingly chose the latter. A graduate in business and on the cusp of GMAT preparation, the seismic shift to music beckoned him, akin to announcing a voyage to space.

He decisively packed his belongings, bid farewell to familiarity and journeyed to the sun-drenched heart of Los Angeles, where Icon Collective became his crucible for elevating his sonic craftsmanship.


Deeply intertwined with his pursuit was the tenacious embrace of his cultural heritage. BOMBAYS navigated the contours of production while harboring an unwavering desire to mirror his roots and ancestry. It was in this exploration that he unearthed the poignant void, an industry bereft of the vibrancy and diversity encapsulated in his journey.

The dearth of representation for individuals of color—particularly the Brown community—stoked the flames of Thakar's motivation. His vision expanded beyond his own journey, an aspiration to transcend into a beacon of inspiration, a testament to possibility for producers sharing his narrative across the globe.

The Harmonic Confluence: Bollywood's Resonant Echoes

BOMBAYS has transformed his journey into an anthem of courage, an ode to culture and an unceasing symphony of creativity. 

Inspired by the intricate symphony of 90s Bollywood records, BOMBAYS found his muse in the delicate balance of complexity and simplicity that lay within each composition. The echoes of this inspiration reverberate throughout his unique sonic tapestry, where every beat and melody resonates with both sensuality and energy, infusing his sound with an enigmatic allure that effortlessly commands the dance floor.

Empowerment Through Artistry: The SCORPEUR Initiative

Elevating his artistic prowess beyond melodies and rhythms, BOMBAYS launched the "SCORPEUR" merchandise line, a movement that extends far beyond music. With each purchase, a percentage of profits journeys back to India, embodying a heartfelt commitment to affect positive change and offer a helping hand to those in need.

A Vision Unveiled: Crafting the Future, One Note at a Time

BOMBAYS' artistic odyssey is far from fleeting; it's a symphonic crescendo that reverberates across continents. With grand aspirations that stretch beyond horizons, his focus remains fixated on the intricacies of each record. In this dance between creation and vision, he orchestrates an exquisite narrative, visualizing not only the rhythms that will pulse through a crowd but the emotions that will entwine with each note, painting an evocative canvas that transcends mere music.

As BOMBAYS sets sail on this musical voyage, he does so not only as an artist, but also as a harbinger of change, embodiment of artistic fusion and a relentless champion of diversity and empowerment. In each beat, note and endeavor, he breathes life into a kaleidoscope of inspirations and harmonies that resonate with unwavering passion.

There are not many individuals in the electronic music industry who represent the diaspora of what being Brown means. To be able to inculcate his cultural influences into his music, BOMBAYS is changing the game for the better. Cultural representation is more than sampling a sound from your favorite ethnic artist, it often is appreciating the talent that comes directly from those communities.

You can catch BOMBAYS at SoCal's Nocturnal Wonderland festival on September 17th.



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