Illicit Australian Rave Leads to Seizure of $400,000 Worth of Drugs

An illicit rave in southern Queensland ended with the seizure of over $400,000 worth of drugs by local authorities, ABC Southern Queensland reports.

Titled "Weedy Wonka's Winter Solstice," the four-day event has been promoted by way of social media. Organizers reportedly attempted to elude authorities by advertising a decoy address while the real gathering took place on a rural plot of land well outside downtown Brisbane.

A myriad of drugs were seized, including an estimated $160,000 worth of ketamine and $127,000 worth of MDMA. Illicit quantities of cannabis, cocaine, LSD and more were also recovered.

The response put "a fair bit of pressure" on local law enforcement and medical response teams, per ABC. While the primary concern was the health and safety of those exiting the rave, a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson indicated that no cases of injury or extreme illness came of the incident.

The substances were earmarked for broader distribution, according to authorities, and investigations remain ongoing.

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