IMS Business Report 2022: Electronic Music is small on social, compared to other genres

According to the recently announced IMS Business Report 2022, Electronic Music is 6th out of 7th for social media shares and actions compared to other genres such as R&B and Hip-Hop music. IMS partnered with Shareablee to provide an understanding of how the Top 100 Spotify Electronic Music artists perform across social media platforms.

Every year the International Music Summit (IMS) presents the annual IMS Business Report with the aim of covering every aspect of the music industry “based on IMS analysis of key facts from all of the major players in our industry. All in one place.” Consistently delivering a wider perspective on the electronic music industry by reaching out to key industry leaders, IMS clearly explains the data presented and shines a light on industry trends that need further discussion. As social media is unarguably an important topic of discussion in the music industry, the IMS Business Report 2022 has revealed electronic music is much smaller on social platforms in terms of ‘actions across Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in comparison to other genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Latin, R&B and Rock.

According to the IMS analysis, electronic music merely had a 2% share rate in 2021 compared to other genres and the most prominent social following is “more heavily reliant on Youtube compared to other genres.” To go deeper into this social media analysis, IMS partnered with Shareablee and has come to the conclusion that followers of electronic music grew across YouTube (9%), Facebook (7%), and Instagram (3%). However, growth was lower in comparison to other genres which have grown in the double digits. Additionally,  when discussing the amount of content posted in 2021, artists across all genres are posting much less. The posts from top-tier electronic artists declined on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. YouTube is the only platform that increased video content postings by 7%. Similarly, a decline in social media engagement was also reported for electronic music fans with the exception of YouTube where electronic artists saw an increase in engagement actions.

Digging even deeper by partnering up with Tubular Labs for analysis on engagement, views, and uploads for Electronic Music in comparison to Hip Hop on Facebook and YouTube, electronic music viewership grew by 60% between 2020 and 2021 while Hip-Hop only grew by 27%. Electronic music engagement also increased by 76% between 2020 and 2021 and Hip-Hop increased by 36%. In terms of electronic music uploads, electronic music uploads saw an increase of 77% between 2020 and 2021 while Hip-Hop by 19%. For more information or to download the full IMS Business Report for 2022, be sure to visit their website here.

“I don’t want people to forget the importance of skill. Just because you’ve got fifty thousand followers, doesn’t mean you’re the best DJ in the world. But, to be the most successful DJ in the world you probably need skill and a big following. More than ever, that’s important …” – Jaguar, DJ, and Broadcaster

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