Indira Paganotto Explores the Dark Divine in New EP, “Heaven is for Warriors”

Indira Paganotto is back with Heaven is for Warriors, a new EP out now on her own ARTCORE imprint.

Exploring the theme of the "dark divine," the Class of 2023 star has released one of the year's best techno records. With rhythms as primal as a heartbeat yet intricate as Celtic knots, she proves that paradise is found not in comfort, but in motion.

The EP is led by its stentorian title track, where operatic vocal swells slither into focus before a gripping, psytrance-influenced beat takes hold. Like a valkyrie descending from storm clouds, Paganotto unleashes her battle cry throughout an intense, skull-rattling techno arrangement.

Elsewhere, she's out for blood in the relentless "Requiem," producing pulverizing kick drums and driving percussion that marches forward as frenetic synths swirl in the shadows.

Take a listen to Heaven is for Warriors below and find the EP on streaming platforms here.

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