Inside Black V Neck’s Journey to Usher in House Music’s Future With New Label, Retail Records

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic dance music, where artists are frequently confined to certain genres or trends, standouts are those who chart their own musical course. Such is the story of Black V Neck, the spirited production pair altering the house music narrative out of Miami.

Ian Beato and Julian Sacheli united in 2017 to form Black V Neck, a moniker that offers a cheeky critique to the EDM industry's propensity to label and categorize. Proudly weaving their Cuban heritage into their tracks, the tandem represents a melange of cultural richness and sonic innovation.

Black V Neck.

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Their innovative approach didn't go unnoticed. Influential DJ and producer Shiba San was quick to spotlight their talent, ushering in their hit "Let Me Smash" under the prestigious Basement Leak imprint. This wasn't just another track; it was an anthem that scaled the Beatport charts and heralded Black V Neck's arrival.

Subsequent successes were imminent. Claude VonStroke, an industry linchpin, recognized their genius and released their Mouth Music EP via his venerated Dirtybird imprint. Chart-toppers from the EP such as "Sex, Drugs, Alcohol" anchored Black V Neck's position as a force within the house music space.

Despite the hurdles of 2020, Black V Neck's zeal remained undiminished. Their debut on Defected Records,'s best record label of 2022, saw them remixing John Summit's summer anthem "Deep End," which clinched a coveted spot in Beatport’s Top 10. Industry titans like Chris Lake, Green Velvet and Lee Foss also regularly spun their tracks, amplifying their reach.

Other releases spanned far and wide, landing on preeminent labels like Club Sweat, CID's Night Service Only, Insomniac Records and the iconic OWSLA. Their remix touch, enhancing tracks from the likes of Salvatore Ganacci and Bruno Furlan, further solidifies their versatile artistry.

Black V Neck aren't merely an act. They symbolize boundless creativity and vigor in the house music space.

Retail Records: Curating the sounds of house music's future

Beato and Sacheli are now the curators of a new era with their innovative label, Retail Records. This venture is more than a business—it's a movement.

Retail Records is a beacon of Black V Neck's commitment to the community, embodying their philosophy of unearthing and nurturing raw talent. By spotlighting emerging artists without prejudice and prioritizing the art over the artist's previous accolades or social reach, they're democratizing the dancefloor and shaping the sounds of tomorrow.

Their vision reflects pure meritocracy in music, a rarity in an industry often swayed by social metrics.

"With Retail Records, we listen to every demo we receive. We don’t look at your Instagram followers or your résumé; what we care about is the music," Sacheli tells "And with that mentality, we’re able to focus on young up-and-coming talent that most audiences have yet to hear about and give them a platform for their music to reach new people."

The process at Retail Records is as genuine as it is rigorous. "The sound of house music can change just by one record, and it’s usually from someone who’s trying something new and has no stress on having a follow up but rather making a standout track," Sacheli continues, stressing the significance of fresh talent in steering the genre forward. "New artists are usually the face of shaping the future of dance music."

Julian Sacheli and Ian Beato of Black V Neck

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c/o Press

Beato elaborated on the joy embedded in the label's DNA.

"Part of the fun of running a label is experiencing the joy of releasing music, but now we get to help others get their music out, too." he gushed. "Everything we're releasing is stuff that we love, and that we believe will do well."

It's this palpable excitement for the craft that Retail Records transmits with every release.

"Nobody can claim they have the answer to such an ambitious question, but we definitely want to keep our future as inclusive and as free of drama as possible while making and enjoying dope music."

Black V Neck's forward beat

2023 looms large with exciting prospects. Stellar tracks such as "Daddy's Back" on Sink Or Swim have garnered acclaim from house music magnates John Summit and Dom Dolla. Collaborations also continue to thrive, evident in their pulsating track "Ride That Thang" with Craze and the electric "Oral Music" with Dutch dance music icon Afrojack.

Emerging stars Essed Up and Joanna Magik, under the Retail Records banner, unveiled compelling tracks in September. October promises the eclectic Records for Sale Vol. 3 compilation, a testament to the label's commitment to quality and ingenuity. Recently, Essed Up charted 7th in the Beatport's coveted Tech House chart.

A year of momentous gigs

Black V Neck's journey transcends studio achievements. Their live gigs, from their maiden performance at the esteemed Ultra to their debut at Coachella, demonstrate their magnetic stage presence.

The duo's growing popularity was palpable as they sold out twin shows in LA. Moreover, they are set for a Space Miami performance in their hometown of Miami in what many call the mecca of stateside clubbing, joining Matroda on November 22nd.

This juxtaposition of studio brilliance and live energy places Black V Neck on the bleeding edge of EDM. The scene is watching in anticipation as the virtuosic Latinos change the game for the next generation of electronic music. 

Black V Neck are currently celebrating their recent release under the Insomniac Records banner, Bring the Noise / Stutter, a two-track EP which is out now. Take a listen below.

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