Insomniac announces they will require a negative test or proof of vaccine for upcoming events

Yesterday, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella announced on Instagram that a negative test or proof of a Covid-19 vaccine must be shown for entry into all Insomniac events for the “foreseeable future.” The announcement follows many festivals in the United States who recently changed their entry policies over the last few weeks. These changes have become popular among promoters after the success of Lollapalooza in Chicago with being determined a non super-spreader event. Rotella states that the reason for the decision is “to create an environment where live events can continue for all.”

The rule states that to attend an Insomniac event a person must provide a negative test within 72 hours before entering the event or provide proof of full vaccination. Insomniac will update all upcoming events with specific details throughout the following weeks. Rotella also states that exceptions may happen depending on a state’s local laws.

Many artists in the industry have expressed their praise for Rotella’s new decision, and the announcement looks to be received well by dance fans of the company. Insomniac currently has 13 festivals scheduled for the rest of 2021. Their next one, Beyond Wonderland, will begin today in San Bernardino, California. All eyes will be on EDC Las Vegas in October, as Nevada just recently imposed new restrictions that include Vegas as well.

See Rotella’s full Instagram post below. 

Image Credit: EDC/Insomniac

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