INZO Weaves an Atmospheric Web in Stunning EP, “Earth Magic”

If nature had an afterparty, INZO would be its headliner.

Ripe with melodic fauna and rhythmic flora, his new EP, Earth Magic, is a musical hike through the wilderness of INZO's imagination. By contrasting lilting, atmospheric production with slam-bang melodic bass anthems, he creates a stunning dichotomy between tranquility and triumph.

"If you're crying, if you're having a fun time, if you're having an epiphany at that moment, sad, happy, whatever—I just want my music to be an experience," INZO said in a press release.

That visceral approach is bottled in "Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water," one of the EP's highlights. Driven by a cerebral sample of fabled philosopher Alan Watts, the track is a spiritual successor to 2018's "Overthinker," INZO's breakthrough single which has received support from Alison Wonderland, ILLENIUM, Zeds Dead and countless others.

Another standout arrives in the form of "Tripitaka," a woozy banger produced alongside INZO's frequent collaborator Blookah. The same can be said of the titular "Earth Magic," a languid stunner featuring a spellbinding Elohim, whose vocals float atop basslines that prowl like stealthy predators in the night.

Take a listen to Earth Magic, out now on Lowly, below.

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