Jean-Michel Jarre’s Christmas Spectacle to Celebrate 400th Anniversary of the Château de Versailles

This Christmas, Jean-Michel Jarre is gifting fans a grand holiday spectacle unlike any other.

In a spectacular fusion of historical grandeur and cutting-edge innovation, Jarre, the legendary electronic music pioneer, is set to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Château de Versailles with a one-of-a-kind concert experience. The event, aptly named "Versailles 400," promises to be an immersive journey through time, blending the opulence of the 17th-century palace with 21st-century technologies.

Scheduled for Christmas Day, the concert will be held in the iconic Hall of Mirrors, a symbol of artistic and technological excellence from the era of King Louis XIV. Revered for for his envelope-pushing live events, Jarre will don the LYNX mixed reality headset for the performance, which will allow him to simultaneously engage with both a live crowd in the Hall of Mirrors as well as a virtual audience in a futuristic digital version of the same space. 

"Versailles 400 is a hybrid concert and visual creation broadcast live from one of the world's most beautiful locations, as well as in virtual reality in the metaverse," Jarre said in a statement. "I hope the event will help promote our creative savoir-faire and bring the world of French immersive creation to the forefront of collective culture."

The event will air on French and international television channels through Eurovision Services, on RTL radio and on Jarre’s own YouTube channel. Tickets for the historic event are on sale now.



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