Josh Pan reveals he has new music with Skrillex coming out next week

Just as the weather begins to warm up, we have some good news as we may in fact be getting some new music from josh pan and Skrillex next week. After a recording of an Instagram live session from josh pan was shared on Reddit, it looks like we will be getting blessed by a new tune. While the user who posted the video on Reddit has mentioned the track name will be “Supersonic,” no further details have been confirmed from josh pan or Skrillex as there is also no title shown in the Instagram live recording. josh pan actually released a track in 2019 named “Supersonic” with Dylan Brady under the This Car Needs Some Wheels album. Hyping fans up with the release of this recording, May 7th is about to get a whole lot brighter for us as it looks like we will be blessed with some new music from these two legends.

With josh pan recently interacting with his fans on his social media accounts with a few teasers of unreleased music, we can only hope this forward-thinking producer will reveal several of his hidden gems soon. While Skrillex has had an epic year of accomplishments which has been unsurprising to us, he was featured on Justin Bieber’s Justice album with several icons including Khalid, Chance The Rapper, Kid Laroi, and many more. It is definitely agreed that we have been waiting for Skrillex to drop some new music, but with this legend in the studio, it is always worth the wait.

Check out the Instagram live recording of josh pan below and let us know if you are excited in the comments.

Photo credits: Marilyn Hue 





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