Justin Timberlake’s New Album Features Three Stellar Productions From Calvin Harris

Justin Timberlake's latest album, Everything I Thought It Was bridges the gap between nostalgia and the novelty of the now, courtesy of Calvin Harris' Midas touch.

Timberlake's latest marks his grand return since 2018's Man of the Woods, taking fans on a journey that intertwines the past and present into a new offering of dancefloor ready anthems.

His collaboration with Harris kicks off with "F**ckin' Up The Disco," a track that immediately sets the dancefloor ablaze with a confident sense of rhythm and disco dynamism. Harris masterfully weaves twinkling synths and funky plucks through the fabric of the track, wrapping Timberlake's vocals in an angelic vocoder effect that elevates the song to heavenly heights.


The next track, "No Angels" also features Harris' production and best embraces some of the album's central themes of letting go and losing yourself on the dancefloor. Harris' production meets the moment, wholly encapsulating the essence of contemporary dance music and transforming the space into a sanctuary of freedom and fleeting moments.


Completing the triad of Harris' productions, "Infinity Sex" turns the funky dial up to eleven. The track is imbued with disco-centric production and effects that flirt with Timberlake's smooth and charming delivery, creating a playful yet sultry atmosphere that's irresistibly groovy.


Between the efforts of the two powerhouse artists, Everything I Thought It Was stands as a celebration of collaboration and the enduring power of a good beat. In addition to Harris, the album features production from Louis Bell, Cirkut and, of course, Timbaland, among others.

Check out Everything I Thought It Was, Timberlake's sixth studio album, in-full below.