Kölsch – Now Here No Where

Whenever a new Kölsch track or album is set to come out, it becomes one of the most anticipated pieces of work within the electronic music scene. His legacy is huge, and he’s undeniably one of the biggest legends within the scene and that’s all thanks to the career he’s built for himself off of his irresistible production design and catchy melodies. His music has the ability to take listeners through a journey into uncharted territory, unlike anything they’ve ever explored before and he’s created the same effect with his fourth album: ‘Now Here No Where’.

‘Now Here No Where’ finds Kölsch asking himself how to approach current emotions, with a lot of his music coming from reflections of the past. With his feet planted into the present, he’s attacking the emotions and feelings of the current day head on and the album reflects this perfectly. Although the present may be harder to navigate through music than the past, it’s a challenge that the Danish producer fought effortlessly, and simply put, the album is a masterpiece.

It opens up with the track titled ‘Great Escape’ which instantly makes you feel like you’re battling your way through something with the way the synths punch in the opening few seconds. Perhaps this is what Kölsch wants us to feel; battling through the emotions of the present world can be a tough journey, and this is what he wants to reflect on or build on. Opening up further and gaining traction the further into the track we get, it opens up and suddenly all these elements that were slowly added combine to create one massive paradise of euphoric and gritty sounds all mixed together into one. ‘Great Escape’ certainly sets the mood for what listeners can now expect from the remaining eleven masterful tracks. Other tracks such as ‘Shoulder Of Giants’‘Time’ and ‘Fandango’ are certainly reminiscent of the older sounds we know and love from the mastermind, but he’s taken his sound in a new direction and we’re loving it.

Set aside time to enjoy this album in its fullest, from the first second to the finishing second and take in every single intricate detail that is injected into the tracklist of ‘No Here No Where’ below on Spotify.

Image credit: Flemming Bo Jensen

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