LA On My Mind’ by Asher Shashaty and Dani King, A….

Asher Shashaty and Dani King are spicing things up once again. Asher started his journey in a small town, dreaming big and breaking out with his unique sound. He moved to LA, diving into its vibrant, multicultural mix, and hasn’t looked back since. Meanwhile, Dani King has been making a splash with her killer collaborations and undeniable talent, connecting with top artists and landing tracks on major labels.

Their new track, ‘LA On My Mind,’ is a total love letter to Los Angeles. The lyrics dive deep into Asher’s transition from a less diverse hometown to the buzzing, colorful life of LA. The song perfectly captures the city’s essence, from beach days and sunset hikes to wild nights out. It’s all about how people from different backgrounds come together, sharing moments and making memories in this incredible city.

And let’s talk accolades. Asher’s track ‘Beach House’ charted in three countries on Apple Music and has over 600,000 plays across all platforms. Dani’s not far behind, having worked with big names like Ace Aura, Bear Grillz, and Oliverse, and signing tracks on top labels like Wakaan, Monstercat, and Disciple. Their combined talent in ‘LA On My Mind’ is a powerhouse of creativity and passion, making this track a must-listen.

Plus, there’s a video dropping on June 21st, showcasing the vibrant life of LA. ‘LA On My Mind’ is an experience, celebrating the spirit and unity of Los Angeles.

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