Listen to Deerock and Sammy Adams’ New Collaboration, a House Anthem for Lost Youth

Deerock and Sammy Adams have joined forces for a new single, "Used To," an ode to lost youth.

With lyrics and production that echo a longing for simpler times, "Used To" is a faded Polaroid unearthed from a dusty attic. It's a sonic snapshot of the human experience, a wistful yet cathartic exploration of the bittersweet moments that shape us.

Adams' melancholic vocals drape over the track like a favorite sweater—warm and familiar, but a poignant reminder of past connections. His lovesick lyricism yearns to resurrect the lost embraces and drunken escapades of a once-vibrant bond, painting a picture of a couple seeking to recapture the irreplaceable intimacy they "used to" share.

Meanwhile, Deerock's melodic house production evokes the nostalgic haze of those cherished memories. His uplifting, textured chords are the track's bedrock, laying down a rhythmic pulse that feels like the comforting click of a vintage clock.

Take a listen to the new collaboration, out now via Big Night Records, below.