Listen to RYN’s Cascading Future Bass Remix of “Fall Like Rain”

RYN is back with a fresh remix of "Fall Like Rain," transforming her country-pop ballad into a dance anthem with a soaring future bass drop.

Known for her blend of EDM and country music, the Alabama-based singer-songwriter stunned after releasing "Fall Like Rain" last spring. Her lyrics painted a vivid picture of being caught in the sudden tempest of a love gone sour, swept off your feet yet strangely paralyzed. The heartfelt track is a bittersweet storm where the thrill of the falling rain mingles with the fear of getting soaked.

RYN has now released a big dance remix of the track, premiering today. Her chest-thumping vocals remain, taking us on a journey through the exhilarating yet tumultuous emotions one can feel when consumed by love's torrential downpour. The song's cascading drop recaptures the poignant nature of RYN's lyricism, leaving you drenched in its all-consuming embrace.

RYN's genuine approach to songwriting bleeds authenticity. When she's not writing and performing music, she is pursuing her PhD with the goal of finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease. She also has dreams of opening an animal sanctuary.

Meanwhile, RYN is gearing up to release her debut album, which is expected out later in 2024. She poured gasoline on the hype after releasing her powerful single "Helluva Ride" back in October.

You can listen to RYN's new remix of "Fall Like Rain" below.

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