Listen to SIPPY’s Mind-Bending Monstercat Debut, “Get Wompy”

SIPPY is back with "Get Wompy," stomping onto Monstercat with a doozy of a debut on the label.

The surging bass music producer, who is also a member of the 2024 U.S. Touch Football World Cup team, has released a trap banger rife with the hot-blooded intensity of a championship game.

A song with the title "Get Wompy," of course, is better suited for music festivals. With its woozy arpeggios and thick saws, a languid verse leads us to a nasty drop, where SIPPY goes haywire. Here, she tears it up with wobbly bass, which slices through a thicket of thwacking snares.

"I've been playing this track in my sets for a very long time now and it always goes off," said SIPPY, whose work on Marshmello's Shockwave album led to a Grammy nomination in 2021. "For a while, it really just felt like the only people who believed in it were the crowd and myself. There's no better song for my first release with Monstercat knowing that they fully trust my vision and fully believe in me as an artist—it's an amazing feeling."

Take a listen to "Get Wompy" below and stream the new track here.


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