Look Inside the 2020 Virtual Burning Man Multiverse

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's no longer a surprise when a music festival decides to host an online event. While many have opted for run-of-the-mill livestreams hosted on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, some organizers have devised clever ways to spice up the experience. Always one for both technological and artistic advancements, The Burning Man Project introduced a virtual Burn to give fans a way to connect and experience the event from the safety of their homes.

Users created avatars and were able to explore a virtual Black Rock City, traversing a digital recreation of the playa in full 3D. On the Burning Man website, organizers shared a video showing how to get involved with the online event. 

On Twitter, DJ Nick Warren shared a video of the experience and informed fans about his performance in the virtual world.

They also introduced a dedicated "Infinite Playa" page, which served as a portal to programming, art installations, performances, and more. Virtual attendees could find links to Twitch streams, interactive Zoom sessions, and more in one place instead of having to sleuth around for them. 

Burning Man's Infinite Playa

An immersive teaser of the digitized playa had also been shared prior to the event, which you can watch below.

Last month, the Burning Man Project asked fans for donations in support of the festival's return in 2021. More information on the future of the event can be found via their website. Those interested can show their support by donating here.

Check out more content from the 2020 virtual edition of Burning Man below.



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