Lost Lands 2022 Festival Guide: Set Times, Camping, Weather and Everything Else You Need to Know

Excision is preparing to open the floodgates of Lost Lands.

At this open-air celebration of bass music, the lights, sounds, people and life-size dinosaurs are unlike anything you've ever seen at a music festival. Whether you're going for the first or fifth time, here's some essential info that will help you party like it's 500 B.C.

Lost Lands 2022 Dates

This year's Lost Lands will take place September 23-25, 2022. Those with early-access tickets can arrive as early as Tuesday, September 20th and participate in campground activities as well as a special pre-party on Thursday, September 22nd.

Lost Lands Address

Like the four years before this weekend's party, the fifth iteration of Lost Lands will take place at the beautiful Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. The specific address for Legend Valley is:

7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville, OH 43076

Lost Lands 2022 Camping

Those choosing to camp at Legend Valley will have plenty of fun meeting new friends and enjoying the activities spread throughout the campgrounds. 

Below is a map of the campgrounds and Village Marketplace for Lost Lands 2022, which includes information on the camping sections, first aid stations, water stations, restrooms, showers, vendors, lockers, accessibility services, shuttle pickups and dropoffs, parking lots and more.

Lost Lands 2022 Camping Map

Lost Lands 2022 camping map.

Lost Lands 2022 Village Marketplace Map

Lost Lands 2022 village marketplace map.

Lost Lands 2022 arrival, parking and rideshare

The festival's organizers shared maps explaining how to enter Lost Lands if you're camping, either by using a rideshare service or parking your vehicle at the venue.

Lost Lands 2022 Overnight and Day Parking Map

Lost Lands 2022 overnight and day parking map.

Lost Lands 2022 Rideshare Map

Lost Lands 2022 rideshare dropoff Map.

Lost Lands 2022 Camping Arrival Map

Lost Lands 2022 Camping Arrival Map

Organizers have also created a page on their website with guides on how to enter the event for those who purchased Jurrasic Glamping, RV Parking, Easy Camping and more. If none of the embedded maps apply to you, visit the Lost Lands arrival page.

Lost Lands 2022 Map

Here's where to find all your favorite bass music at Lost Lands 2022.

Lost Lands 2022 Map

Lost Lands 2022 map.

Lost Lands 2022 Weather

Seeing as Lost Lands takes place in the middle of Ohio, attendees should prepare for unpredictable weather.

At the time of this guide's publication, highs for the bulk of the festival are in the upper 60s while lows get as cold as 43°F. It looks as though the festival will stay dry with the exception of Sunday evening, but attendees should be prepared for rain just in case. The graphic below shows the forecast for the duration of Lost Lands 2022, courtesy of Weather.com.

Lost Lands 2022 Forecast

Thornville, Ohio forecast for Lost Lands 2022.

With lows in the low 50s and 40s, fans planning to attend—and especially those who are camping—will need to be prepared for the cold. Below is a graphic devised by the Lost Lands team encouraging attendees to pack for fall weather.

Lost Lands 2022 Fall Weather Reminder

Lost Lands Fall weather reminder.

COVID-19 information for Lost Lands 2022

Below is Lost Lands' official statement on COVID-19 as found on the festival's official website.

Lost Lands has taken many precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees, staff, and performers. We ask that all attendees support these efforts. Be well – if you do not feel well, or are considered high-risk, please stay home.

All Lost Lands ticket holders must agree that neither they nor any of their guests, will attend if they have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. a fever of 99.6⁰F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking, muscle pain/aches, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 identified by the CDC):

Please note: According to the CDC, older adults, and people of any age with serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk of death or severe illness from COVID-19. All guests should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend.



BY ENTERING THE LOST LANDS GROUNDS AND ATTENDING, YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISKS RELATED TO EXPOSURE TO COVID-19.Lost Lands has taken many precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees, staff, and performers. We ask that all attendees support these efforts. Be well – if you do not feel well, or are considered high-risk, please stay home.

Lost Lands 2022 activities, vendors and food

There's plenty to do aside from headbanging at Lost Lands.

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Lost Lands 2022 Festival Guide: Set Times, Camping, Weather and Everything Else You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about the fifth chapter in the saga of Excision's flagship festival, Lost Lands.

Embedded in this section is the schedule of activities in the campgrounds' Village Marketplace as well as the food and vending lineups for the weekend. Those who are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free are encouraged to download the official Lost Lands mobile app for more information.

Lost Lands 2022 Vending Lineup

Lost Lands 2022 craft vendor list.

Lost Lands 2022 Food Lineup

Lost Lands 2022 food and beverage list.

Lost Lands 2022 Discover Center Activity Schedule

Lost Lands 2022 Discovery Center schedule.

Lost Lands 2022 Prohibited items

Lost Lands organizers have provided a comprehensive list of prohibited items, which you can find below as sourced from the festival's website.

NO Illegal substances
NO Liquor. Only 1 case of beer or 1 case of hard seltzer or 1 box of wine permitted per person. See Campground Alcohol Policy below for more info.
NO Unauthorized vending or selling of any products
NO Glass of any kind except handheld mirrors under 12″x12″. No standup mirrors.
NO Glass vape juice bottles, plastic only.
NO Glass lighting. Plastic tipped Christmas-style lights OK.
NO Large sound systems (if neighbors ask you to turn it down please respect their wishes)
NO Weapons of any kind
NO Knives (including cooking and steak knives)
NO Pepper Spray or Mace
NO Generators (RV onboard generators OK, no external)
NO Selfie Sticks
NO Tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous, etc.
NO Aerosol products/cans except Sunscreen and Bug Spray
NO Bonfires
NO Fireworks or any kind of explosives
NO full-sized propane grill, charcoal, butane or fires of any kind (small propane grill ok)
NO Tiki Torches
NO Sky Lanterns
NO Animals of any kind (for more info see lostlandsfestival.com/ada)
NO Laser Pointers
NO Drones
NO Golf carts, dune buggies, segways, off-road motorcycles
NO Large metal key chains
NO Spray paint
NO Paint markers
NO Stickers
NO Flyers
NO Bicycles, Strollers, Skateboards or OneWheels
NO Logo-wrapped canopy tents
NO Milk Crates

Lost Lands 2022 allowed items

On the flip side, they also shared a list of items that attendees may bring onsite.

YES Reusable water bottles (Empty)
YES Hydration Packs / Camelbaks (Empty)
YES Single-compartment backpacks (maximum 12“ x 12“)
YES Purses (maximum 12“ x 12“)
YES Ear Plugs
YES Fanny packs
YES Makeup
YES Hand Sanitizer
YES Chapstick and lip balm
YES Lotion/Sunblock
YES Sealed Tampons
YES Eye drops
YES Wet Wipes
YES Cigarette Packs (Sealed)
YES Lighters
YES E-cig/Tobacco Vapes and Mods
YES Vape Juice in Plastic Bottles (Sealed)
YES Cameras (anything but pro equipment – GoPros OK)
YES Disposable cameras
YES Mobile Phones, external batteries and chargers
YES Walkie Talkies
YES Festival Totems (see Totem Rules below)
YES Kandi
YES LED Lights
YES Flow arts like hula hooping, poi, gloving, orbiting
YES Costumes are encouraged! Full face masks must be removed when going through security.

Lost Lands 2022 totem and flag rules

Organizers have shared a graphic describing the rules for flags and totems at this year's Lost Lands. There are restrictions on the length, material, flag/totem topper size and the content of totems allowed on the festival grounds.

Lost Lands 2022 Totem and Flag Rules

Lost Lands 2022 totem and flag rules.

Lost Lands 2022 Lost-and-found

Just because the lands are lost, doesn't mean your phone should be.

Lost Lands has teamed up with Liff Happens to provide a pre-registration system for your items in the event you misplace them during the fest. You can learn more about this service and view the lost-and-found stations' map and hours of operation here.

Lost Lands 2022 official app

You can download the official Lost Lands app, which provides live updates and information about the festival, here.

Remember to bring your earplugs

Please protect your hearing. Lost Lands is an incredibly loud event and is better enjoyed with proper protection.

Earplugs are very cheap and will not diminish the sound quality or experience of the music. Take the time to buy yourself a pair either before the event or when you arrive.

Lost Lands 2022 lineup

Now for the fun part: the music. Here is the complete lineup for Lost Lands 2022.

Lost Lands 2022 Lineup

Lost Lands 2022 lineup.

Lost Lands set times

Here's your chance to plan the perfect schedule at Excision's prehistoric party.

Wednesday, September 21st and Thursday, September 22nd

Lost Lands 2022 Set Times

Lost Lands 2022 Village Stage lineup.

Friday, September 23rd

Lost Lands 2022 Set Times

Lost Lands 2022 Friday set times.

Saturday, September 24th

Lost Lands 2022 Set Times

Lost Lands 2022 Saturday set times.

Sunday, September 25th

Lost Lands 2022 Set Times

Lost Lands 2022 Sunday set times.

How to stream Lost Lands 2022 online free

Those who can't make it out to this year's fest mustn't fret. Excision and co. have announced the return of Couch Lands, the official livestream of Lost Lands.

They will be broadcasting live from the festival from Friday, September 23rd until Sunday, September 25th. At the time of this guide's publication, the exact schedule for Couch Lands 2022 has not been revealed. You can tune into the stream on Friday here.

Follow Lost lands:

Website: lostlandsfestival.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LostLandsMusicFestival
Twitter: twitter.com/lost_lands
Instagram: instagram.com/lostlandsfestival

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