Major sandstorm caused huge delays for Burning Man attendees leaving the event

After trying to leave Black Rock Desert after a week of partying in the temporary artistic city, Burning Man attendees were hit with a brutal sandstorm which caused massive delays and a warning of ‘Delay your departure‘ from the organisers.

Of course, when attending Burning Man everyone knows that the dusty sand comes with the territory. Because of this and the threat of sudden sandstorms looming over the week-long celebrations, seasoned campers (or those who have done their research) usually prepare with goggles and masks to protect the eyes and face. Although the sandstorms usually are over as quick as they arrive, this particular burst of brutal weather caused severe delays for those trying to depart on the Monday morning, after the event ended on Monday 5 September.

The #BRC Gate is currently closed in both directions (ingress and egress) due to whiteout conditions. Do not drive. Vehicles are becoming stranded and lost on the playa. Delay your departure until the weather has cleared.” was the warning from organisers, posted to Twitter at the time

According to other reports from Amanda Young who is a Reno-based National Weather Service meteorologist, she stated that the layer of dust that had been whipped up from the storm at the time was estimated to be ‘a few hundred feet thick’, combined with the 35mph winds which ultimately ceased visibility on the roads and causing unsafe conditions.

Nonetheless, the first official Burn since the pandemic and the last edition in 2019 was successful to say the least, with around 80,000 attendees flooding the grounds once again in the name of creativity, art, self expression, freedom and more. With the likes of Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano, Carl Cox, John Summit, Vintage Culture and many more playing across different camps, this year was filled with top tier music entertainment from some of the electronic world’s finest.

Image credit: Viaggio Routard via Flickr 

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