Man Sentenced to Prison for “Terrorizing” Neighbors With Loud EDM for 5 Years

A man in Barcelona has reportedly been sentenced to one year in jail after deliberately "terrorizing" his neighbors with loud electronic music every day and night for a period of five years.

The man's neighbors had complained to him about how disruptive the "unbearably loud" music was starting in 2012, claiming it led to physical and mental issues, according to El Diario. In addition to requests from those neighbors he was also visited by local police, but all attempts to have the volume reduced fell on deaf ears.

After ignoring a warning issued in 2014 by the local municipality, the man frequently played music exceeded 57 decibels, which is significantly louder than the 35 decibels allowed by law. One officer described the noise as a "continuous 'boom boom'" and a sister of one of the victims said her "bones were vibrating."

An elderly neighbor reportedly testified that he suffered from insomnia and was prescribed a "sedative-hypnotic treatment." Another neighbor's Alzheimer’s disease is said to have worsened due to the anxiety from the loud music.

A court in Mataró ultimately ruled in favor of the victims.

"The persistence of his attitude suggests that the defendant was aware that his conduct could affect the mental stability of any neighbor because even with minimal social skills one cannot but be aware of it," the judge said.

Consequently, the man was sentenced to one year in jail. He's also banned from working in any job related to electronic music.

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