Massive Attack hint at forthcoming EP, 'Eutopia,' breaking four-year musical silence

On July 9, UK-based trip-hop group Massive Attack took to social media to tease their forthcoming EP, Eutopia. The outfit has not released music in the past four years, so naturally, these cryptic posts are sending fans into a frenzy.

Although Massive Attack have not released any music for quite some time, they have not been completely silent. In April, the act was slated to perform at Minecraft music festival, Block by Blockwest, but a server crash and subsequent event rescheduling ultimately resulted in their inability to participate. The group has also been vocal online regarding ongoing COVID-19 struggles and Black Lives Matter protests, donating 10,000 British pounds to frontline workers and supporting the removal of statues depicting historically racist individuals in their own hometown of Bristol.

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for Eutopia, but fans can rest easy, assured that new music is on the horizon. In the meantime, a series of Instagram posts featuring mysterious photographic negatives and trippy videos continues to unfold on the group’s official account, each captioned, “#eutopiaEP.”

Featured image: Josh Reynolds

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