Meow Wolf Co-Founder’s Latest Venture Is a Futuristic Spa Experience

Imagine stepping into a realm where steam dances with light, each room whispers a different tale and wellness is reimagined through the lens of futuristic technology.

That's the vision of Submersive, a groundbreaking spa concept conceived by Corvas Brinkerhoff, co-founder of the immersive arts giant Meow Wolf, according to Fast Company

Brinkerhoff's forthcoming concept is reportedly set to land in Austin in a 25,000-square-foot sanctuary that's said to merge the healing traditions of communal bathhouses with innovative art and AI, curating a spa-like experience that transcends mere relaxation to offer a profound journey of mental and sensory rejuvenation.

Lua Brice/Submersive

Brinkerhoff's move from the fantastical installations of Meow Wolf to the introspective ambiance of Submersive is fueled by his passion for using art and the environment to influence well-being. He was inspired during a visit to a Japanese-style bathhouse in Santa Fe, when he imagined a blend of immersive art with the soothing elements of steam baths, saunas and cold plunges.

The concept has since evolved into a mission to harness neuroscience and AI tech to evoke states of awe and euphoria, fundamentally enhancing how visitors experience and benefit from a spa setting. At its core, Submersive promises an odyssey of the senses, challenging conventional wellness spaces by integrating video projections, steam, lasers and AI to create a transformative experience that transcends a visit to a conventional spa.

Submersive's proprietors are aiming to open its doors by 2026, with a full launch of the completed venue on track for 2028.

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