Meow Wolf Is Opening a New Permanent Location in a Los Angeles Movie Theater

The newest permanent exhibition from Meow Wolf, the renowned organizer of immersive events, will take root in a movie theater in Los Angeles, the brand revealed today.

A longtime favorite of the electronic dance music community, Meow Wolf's experiences are not mere exhibitions—they are gateways to alternate realities. The company's visionary artists and storytellers develop mind-warping hallways, illusory labyrinths and secret rooms teeming with otherworldly creatures, empowering visitors to shape their own unique paths.

At the heart of the company's approach is a commitment to surrealist art, which weaves together intricate narratives to create fantastical realms like the stupefying Omega Mart in Vegas. Meow Wolf will now head to LA to launch its next permanent venue, which joins those in Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas and an impending exhibition in Houston.

Fans of Meow Wolf can expect "a full sensory love letter to the Los Angeles art scene, its history and its legacy," according to a press release shared with The new venue is expected to open in 2026.

"For years we've made trips to Los Angeles, dreaming of creating something in its layered and ever-changing network of creativity," said Sean Di Ianni, co-founder of Meow Wolf and Senior Creative Director of Meow Wolf Los Angeles. "L.A. is more than a physical place; it extends deep into the global landscape of human imagination, constantly pushing its own bounds. Meow Wolf Los Angeles will stretch these cinematic horizons by weaving together an unpredictable tapestry of art, story and interactivity."

"This is more than an immersive experience," added Jose Tolosa, CEO of Meow Wolf. "We want it to be a part of the city's ongoing narrative of growth. Being in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, we're humbled to add to the dynamic interplay between art and entertainment here. Meow Wolf Los Angeles will blur the lines between reality and fantasy, inviting everyone to become part of a living, breathing spectacle."

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