Moore Kismet Unleashes Transformative Remix of Noisia and Skrillex’s “Horizon”

Moore Kismet is going toe-to-toe with Skrillex and Noisia, taking their collaboration "Horizon" on a transformative journey.

Kismet has effortlessly risen to the challenge of remixing the bass music titans, and has done so in awe-inspiring fashion. The Class Of 2021 star flipped the script on this smooth liquid drum & bass original—originally a cut from Noisia's final album, Closer—and turned it into an all-out blitz of spit-firing trap synths.

Kismet, who recently unveiled their own SiriusXM radio show, contributes to the ecosystem of sounds on "Horizon," playing up the original track's shimmering melodies and feathery background pads before delivering a hammering bassline tailor made for the head-banging audience. 

Their ability to bridge the euphoric highs and energizing lows in the span of the track won't come as news to their longtime fans, although Kismet admits they were on edge as to how it would be received. However, any lingering hesitancies dissipated when Skrillex and Fred again.. left voice memos on Kismet's phone.

"These guys will testify, first drop I was like holy shit, I'm taking this in," Fred again.. is heard saying on the memo. "By the second drop I did a confused face—I was taking a lot in and I was like, 'Stop, do it again.'"



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