Music stock prices have fallen by more than 44% in 2022

The new Billboard Global Music Index plans to track 20 publicly listed international music companies each week.

With investors plowing billions of dollars into public music companies, Billboard will now track key stocks with its new Global Music Index, which premieres here and will initially be featured in the weekly newsletter The Ledger sent to Billboard Pro subscribers.

The Global Music Index provides a snapshot of the stock performance of 20 companies traded on exchanges in seven countries: the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and China (Hong Kong). It is a market capitalization-weighted index that reflects the relative size of its constituent companies, each of whose market capitalization has been adjusted to remove long-term shareholders such as corporations, private equity firms, corporate executives and directors. What’s left is a more accurate representation of the shares being traded on the markets.

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Source: Billboard


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