New Las Vegas Venue “Substance” to Bring Industrial Nightlife Haven to Fremont District

Las Vegas nightlife is about to gain some serious substance with the grand opening of a cutting-edge, 18,000-square-foot entertainment venue in the heart of the Fremont District.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Vegas' world-class clubbing sector, a new contender is emerging with a raw, warehouse-inspired experience: Substance. Opening its doors in July 2024, the venue promises a big lineup of electronic music artists, kicking off with an opening night appearance by Walker & Royce.

Substance founders Marcel Correa and Joe Borusiewicz, celebrated for their contributions to the Las Vegas nightlife scene by way of their company RVLTN, have joined forces with Insomniac Events to bring top talent to Substance every week.

Perched on the second floor of the Neonopolis Complex, Substance is a marvel of modern design, blending brutalist architecture with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. The venue's low ceilings and industrial flair will create an intimate atmosphere, making every event feel like an underground rave in a post-apocalyptic warehouse.

Correa and Borusiewicz shared their approach for the new venture in a press release with

"Growing up in Las Vegas, we've always loved our great city and its incredible potential to become a thriving local music scene," they said. "We've attended countless shows, festivals, and events here and our passion has always been about serving our fellow locals. As promoters, working with various venues throughout the city has given us deep insight into what works and what doesn’t—from guest experience and operations to overall strategy.

No one enjoys paying $30 for parking or navigating a casino just to attend an event. People dislike strict dress codes, long lines for drinks and bathrooms, poor sound quality, and gouging fees. At Substance, our goal is to create an entertainment destination that addresses these issues, incorporating everything we'd want as event producers and local music fans. We can’t wait to unveil our most exciting venture to date."

Tickets to the July 12th opening of Substance are on sale starting 10am local time on June 7th.

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