New Review Examines Lack of Sexual Violence Policies On Websites of EDM Festivals

Good Night Out Vancouver examined 30 festivals, 23% of which were found to have "easily accessible" codes of conduct or sexual violence policies.

A recent review conducted by Good Night Out Vancouver revealed a lack of "easily accessible information" on sexual harassment and assault prevention on the websites of North American EDM festivals.

Good Night Out Vancouver, which provides education and training to support safe dancefloors in nightlife, said 2022 "was another year full of allegations of sexual assault in EDM." The organization examined the websites of 30 large North American music festivals in search of codes of conduct, sexual violence policies, information on staff training and "any reference to consent or harassment," among other points.

Good Night Out Vancouver

23% had an easily accessible code of conduct or sexual violence policy, according to Good Night Out Vancouver. Only one festival, Bass Coast, was found to have bothInterestingly, the review also claims that more websites had language concerning the safe use of totems than sexual violence or consent.

The review urges these festivals to publish dedicated "community" pages on their websites and provide a library of resources, improve staff training and revisit communication strategies ahead of the 2023 season.

Read the complete review here.

Good Night Out Vancouver

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