NIIKO X SWAE’s “Detention” EP Is a Soundtrack for Youthful Defiance

If sitting still was a class requirement, NIIKO X SWAE's Detention EP would land everyone in hot water.

The duo's latest release practically demands movement, wholly inspiring an irresistible urge to dance. Arriving ahead of a can't-miss hometown headline gig at Academy LA this summer, the new EP sees NIIKO X SWAE truly come into their own with uplifting rhythms that carry a spirited sense of urgency and fun.

Taking center stage is "My Head," a track that lyrically strikes a rebellious chord. The vocal-heavy arrangement reverberates like a whispered conspiracy, inviting you to break free from the mundane. The Breakfast Club-inspired music video drives the message home, evoking memories of youthful defiance and the unfiltered joy of childlike whimsy.


Equally captivating is "Feel The Way I Do," a track that embodies the essence of letting instinct take over. It offers an immediately gratifying listening experience where dance piano chords find harmony with the twang of tech house pluck bass, its rhythm pumping with an urgency that mirrors the rush of adrenaline. Meanwhile, "Rain" represents a switch in tone to distinctly cinematic melodic techno anchored by deep, rolling basslines.

If school's out, then NIIKO X SWAE’s Detention marks the start of unforgettable summer nights ahead. Listen to the new EP below and find it on streaming platforms here.