No coronavirus testing or quarantine required to enter Ibiza this summer

Like all of Spain, Ibiza will not require a coronavirus test or quarantine for travellers this summer, as long as they present their ‘Digital Green Certificate’.

The name Ibiza always makes us shudder with emotion. It has always been synonymous with holidays, fun and unforgettable times. According to the latest news, a return in force to the white island, which hopes to fill up with hope (and tourists) as early as June, is almost tangible. The good news explained in El País indicates that it will be possible to enter the country safely, exempting travellers from tests or quarantine. All this will be possible as long as they can prove their Covid status through a digital certificate such as the ‘Digital Green Certificate’, which the European Union is going to implement. Alfredo González, the general secretary of Digital Health, Information and Innovation at the country’s National Health System, announced on Thursday that this kind of passport will come in the form of a QR code and will be available by the end of June. This code will be able to give the information if the person has been vaccinated, had a negative test or infection recently. However, the word passport can be misinterpreted, so Alfredo González clarifies:

‘This certificate is not a passport, it’s not a travel document, and it’s not a requirement for travel. It’s a mechanism that will facilitate mobility in the European Union. It will respect data protection, safety and privacy. It is planned so that it will not be discriminatory, and that is one of the major advantages.’

The Spanish government expects to receive around 40 million foreign visitors this summer, a figure that will reflect double last year’s tourists but half those reported in 2019. Tourism represents a huge slice of Spain’s revenue, and Ibiza in particular, so all eyes are on the success of these travel revitalisation strategies.

Spains has been working with the UK government to open a facilitated corridor of circulation between the countries, but more concrete and tangible information is still awaited. What is expected is that Ibiza can welcome tourists, festival-goers and clubbers already this summer.


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