Non-Fungible Nightlife: E11EVEN’s Bitcoin Conference 2022 Events Fuel Miami’s Crypto Crusade

In the quest to become the nation's crypto capital, the city of Miami has pulled ahead—and E11EVEN is one of the keys.

The $40 million Ultraclub has torn hell for leather into the DeFi movement, adopting cryptocurrency at a dizzying pace as Miami officials work to incorporate it into the city's infrastructure. And during a time when Mayor Francis Suarez is hellbent on building "crypto's version of Silicon Valley," it seems E11EVEN is angling to be the vanguard of the city's glitzy foray into the intersection of entertainment and blockchain tech.

Since E11EVEN's groundbreaking move to become the country's first nightlife establishment to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, they have since processed over $5 million of it at the venue, according to CEO Michael Simkins.

Last month, they twisted the knife into their Web3 aspirations by launching "E11EVEN Crypto," an arm dedicated to crypto-related technologies and ventures. They also pushed their chips into the digital collectible craze, purchasing their first NFT from the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Now E11EVEN is gearing up for Bitcoin Conference 2022, which serves as a canvas for the brand to supercharge its crypto aspirations. From Wednesday, April 6th to Sunday the 10th, the club's organizers are hosting a slew of sumptuous parties for the legions of crypto enthusiasts descending on Magic City.

Set for performances are Rick Ross, Tiësto and deadmau5, among other special guests yet to be announced.

You can check out and purchase tickets to E11EVEN's Bitcoin Conference 2022 events below, and find out more here.

Wednesday, April 6

Artist: Rick Ross
Time: 8PM
Tickets: Purchase here

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Non-Fungible Nightlife: E11EVEN's Bitcoin Conference 2022 Events Fuel Miami's Crypto Crusade

Tiësto, deadmau5 and more are set to perform at E11EVEN's events during the 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami.


Thursday, April 7:

Artist: Tiësto
Time: 8PM
Tickets: Purchase here


Friday, April 8:

Artist: TBA
Time: 8PM
Tickets: Purchase here


Saturday, April 9:

Artist: deadmau5
Time: 8PM
Tickets: Purchase here


Sunday, April 10:

Artist: TBA
Time: 8PM
Tickets: Purchase here




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