Norway might cancel its 2021 summer season after government measures

Norway might have to cancel its 2021 summer season fully, after the new measures announced by the local government on festival attendance. As a result, the majority of the most important and renowned music events in the area have wisely decided to postpone or cancel their 2021 editions.

The measures adopted by the Norwegian minister of culture last week, included restrictions in attendance to 2,000 people for festivals taking place in June, 5,000 people for the events happening up until August, and 10,000 people for the ones being celebrated after the summer (from September onwards). Being in this scenario, it has been clear for any big promoter in Norway, that there was no other option but to call the 2021 summer season off and start preparing their campaigns for 2022.

Some of the most important events in the area like the Live Nation-owned festival Bergenfest, which was set to take place from June 15-19, announced its cancellation on Tuesday given these mentioned restrictions. Even though Norway announced a special compensation and subside package for events that are forced to be cancelled, this does not seem to satisfy events, who are not sure of how they will be distributing this. “With current restrictions on outdoor events in June, it is not possible to celebrate Bergenfest 2021. There is also a great uncertainty about what the financial support schemes that include Bergenfest in practice will entail. It is therefore unfortunately time to confirm the inevitable – Bergenfest 2021 will not take place in June this year”

Other festivals like Øya Festival, which was scheduled for 10–14 August 2021, also cancelled its event. Øya’s CEO Tonje Kaada stated “It feels like a little nightmare to cancel Øya for the second year in a row…Our big wish over the past year has been to gather everyone (artists, the audience, festival workers, volunteers and partners) for a unique festival experience in Tøyenparken, but it will not be possible with the guidelines that the authorities presented this week… There is too much uncertainty, and even in the best case scenario with 5,000 people, this is not compatible with the audience experience Øya Festival wants to provide. We have no other choice but to realise that it will not be happening in 2021.”

Image Credit: Øyafestivalen (via Facebook)

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