ODESZA Swerve Into Clubland With New Remix EP, “Spinback”

Just when you thought ODESZA couldn't get any more blissfully transcendent, they've spun a screeching 180 into clubland with an unexpected package of gritty remixes tailored explicitly for the dancefloor.

Known for their lush and cinematic productions, the beloved electronic duo today surprised fans with the unexpected release, Spinback Remixes, which features reworks of a handful of their classics.

"Our recent DJ sets have allowed us to experiment and re-envision tracks for the club, including our own," the duo said in a statement. "We dipped into our catalogue and connected with a few of our favorite artists to get their club-forward take on some of our tunes. The Spinback Remixes EP is primed for the dance floor and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

ODESZA's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight performing on their "The Last Goodbye" tour.

Garrett Poulos/EDM.com

While the original versions were characterized by aching melodies and euphoric tension-and-release, these eight remixes strip everything down to the bare bones. ODESZA's melodic flourishes are replaced by growling basslines and relentless kicks, transforming their trademark sound into a barrage of dancefloor ammunition.

The vocals, once a centerpiece, are chopped and filtered into percussive hooks meant to whip crowds into a frenzy. From the languid soundscapes of "Line Of Sight" contorted into a gnashing drum & bass stomp to the gentle atmospherics of "Say My Name" reforged as a four-on-the-floor banger, each remix offers an exhilarating reinterpretation.

Spinback features contributions from a compelling roster of gifted artists, including Biicla, Darby, Rome in Silver, Koven and okgiorgio. But it was the prolific electronic music producer longstoryshort who had ODESZA coming back for seconds.

"I put my heart into the first one when they asked, and my jaw dropped when they came back to ask if I wanted to do another since they were so happy with the first. that's love," he said in an Instagram post. "hope yall love em as much as I do - remixing songs where the original is this good takes great care and I tried my best to keep the energy of the originals intact while adding my style and taste."

In other ODESZA news, they're on the verge of releasing their first-ever live album, The Last Goodbye Tour Live. Scheduled to drop on May 31st, the album will feature live recordings from its eponymous tour and accompany a bespoke vinyl release.

You can listen to the full remix bundle below and find it on streaming platforms here.