One-of-a-kind Avicii branded golf clubs go up for auction

Avicii has always been a name that has transcended beyond just the realm of music. His impact on the world was on a level that not many others have ever achieved. Now that presence takes over the world of golf as a set of one-of-a-kind Avicii branded golf clubs have just been put up for auction.

The golf set consists of three Callaway Jaws wedges designed by Swedish LPGA player Dani Holmqvist. Each club sports the iconic Avicii logo, laser engraved on the back of the head. Along with that, in the corner of the head, underneath the Callaway logo, each club features a different title of some of Avicii’s biggest hits, “Seek Bromance,” “Wake Me Up” and “Levels.”

Holmqvist has partnered with Charitybuzz to give a lucky person the opportunity to win these clubs. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which advocates for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and is working towards removing the stigma around mental health issues.

“Tim left a special mark in this world not only through the incredible music he shared with us but also through his humanitarian work where he made sure he gave back to causes close to his heart.” – Charitybuzz Auction page

Avicii was known for giving back to the world through his music. Along with co-founding his own charity, “House of Hunger,” he also donated all his earnings from his track “Divine Sorrow” to RED, the iconic organization that fights against HIV and AIDS.

Avicii golf clubs

There are currently nine days left to bid on the unique set of Avicii golf clubs, with the current minimum bidding starting at $1,050.

Check them out here.

Image credit: Sean Eriksson

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