PADRINO Fuses Global Influences and Tribal House Beats in Debut Release, “Up All Night”

Fusing mesmerizing Middle Eastern melodies with tribal house sounds, PADRINO's debut release is a bold statement.

Out now via the venerated Cafe De Anatolia label, "Up All Night" draws influence from the enigmatic artist's diverse heritage and world travels. Functioning as a unique collision point between Indo- and Afro-house, the song features sultry rhythms and hypnotic strings in a slow-burning arrangement.

"Up All Night" was inspired by the infamous dancing plague of 1518, which "led people in Strasbourg to dance themselves to death," according to The History Channel.

Fans of the new track can expect to hear a number of follow-up singles in the near future from PADRINO, who recently performed at the debut Tulum edition of the popular "¿POR QUÉ NO?" party series. In the meantime, you can take a listen to "Up All Night" below.



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