Paris has closed down all bars after a spike in COVID-19 cases

Sadly, it appears that this a never-ending story. Paris has had to close down all of its bars once again after a spike in cases amongst young people, specifically those between 20 and 30. Restaurants are to remain open as long as they take track & trace details, and hand sanitizer is provided. Restrictions are also limiting gatherings and music in public spaces.

This news comes after new COVID-19 prevention rules would come into effect in Paris, and 11 other cities after cases spiked from 5% to 7.4% as announced on September 29th, and took effect on October 3rd. France is one of the countries that is seeing a resurgence of coronavirus cases across Europe. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is striking younger people every day, as twentysomething-year-olds are not infected at similar or larger rates than older adults.

The restrictions for the closure of bars have no end date, as France seeks to tackle COVID-19 head-on. This is another drawback in the global fight against the pandemic, hurting the nightlife industry even more than it already has. Recently, we found out that Barcelona will host a test-on-entry event that will hold a capacity of 1,000 people, and this looks like the first step towards having a nightlife once again. However, will cases spike again? We hope not. We will keep you updated on any developing stories with COVID-19.

Image Credit: Paris Perfect

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