Peggy Gou responds to Daniel Wang’s accusations

In a nearly two-minute post to Instagram, Peggy Gou opens up about the accusations brought on by former neighbor, Daniel Wang.

In case you missed it, Daniel Wang, a fellow DJ/Producer went on a Facebook tirade regarding the behavior of Peggy Gou, his former neighbor in their Berlin apartment. In the lengthy post, Wang calls Gou out on numerous accusations and cites her as a narcissistic abusive, self-centered, kleptomaniac. While there are two sides to every story, this post received attention from both sides of the spectrum.

Peggy Gou has since responded to the Facebook post from Wang via a post to her Instagram, shown below:

Whether your team Gou or team Wang, it is extremely apparent that this is a messy debachle, and should perhaps be taken offline and spoken about by the two.

Image Credit: Mok, JungWook

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