Pendulum Fuse Drum & Bass With Heavy Metal in Electrifying New EP, “Anima”

Americans already have a hard enough time dancing to drum & bass—now they're going to have to learn how to headbang while they do it.

Legendary electronic band Pendulum has returned with a new four-track EP that leans heavily into their signature rock-electronic hybrid sound. Titled Anima, their latest features appearances from the heavy metal superstar Matthew Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine and Scarlxrd, a young act that blends hard-hitting rock with hip-hop.

"Halo" wastes no time jumping into the sounds of metal with screeching bass, frenetic drums and provocative vocals screamed through Tuck's gritted teeth. In contrast to the opener, "Colourfast" is bright and full of life. Pitched vocal samples bring a youthful energy to the upbeat and vibrant track that makes you want to get up and dance.

"Mercy Killing" calls upon Scarlxrd to mix his signature combination of hip-hop and metal with the band's festival-grade drum & bass sound. The result is a track that bounces back and forth between slow-burning trap beats and blistering guitar riffs to create a disorienting amalgam.

"Silent Spinner," Anima's final chapter, is "one of the darker tracks we've done," said Pendulum's Rob Swire. The track starts with ominous drums and minimal production but as it progresses, menacing synths are dangled in front of the us before a dramatic conclusion that feels like a computer malfunctioning in perfect harmony.

Meanwhile, Pendulum recently stunned fans with one of the most unexpected covers you'll see all year. On triple j's "Like A Version" program, they gave Taylor Swift's 2022 single "Anti-Hero" a new electronic coat of paint.

Anima is out now via Virgin/Mushroom Group. You listen to the heavy metal-infused EP below and stream it here.



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